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김용식(Andrew Kim)

Email : dive1@naver.com

Kakaotalk id : moalboal

Local Mobile :


Mobile : 010-2717-6544

Instructor Trainer

BSAC First Class Diver

BSAC National Instructor

Advanced Nitrox Instructor Trainer

Side Mount Instructor Trainer

U/W Photography Instructor

Advanced Mixed Gas Blending Trainer

Life Saver Instructor Trainer

Techincal Diving Instructor

Enjoy & Safety

Diving with Me !!!

Contact Info

​모알보알 MB오션블루 

ADD 6032, Panagsama Beach

          Moalboal, Cebu, Philippines

E-mail moalboaldive@gmail.com

Tel 070-7518-0180 / 070-8229-5282   

Local +63-32-474-3183    

Moblie +63-927-377-8304

118-11131-263-01 예금주 김용식


담당자 박현식 강사

주소 경기도 구리시 원수택로 45-1(수택동 436-22) B1

E-mail shade13@naver.com

Kakao Talk 27rcn 


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